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  D .A. Hughes & Associates



London, Ontario based Consulting Firm providing
Training & Solutions  for

 Small Home Office & Personal Computer users.


 Serving London, Ontario

Consulting Services

We can help you buy that new office/home system

We specialize in supporting Microsoft Windows.

Service for all Window's Compatible PC's and Laptops.


New Systems, Internet,  Router & Printer Set-up

Move old PC data to your new system

Virus and Spyware Removal,

System Upgrades, Software installation

Data back up and File Recovery

Memory and Hard drive upgrades


We back-up data, Photographs, and Documents

One on One training for

Windows Operating Systems

Office Suites, and other software

Learn how to surf the Internet.







Be A Wise Computer owner/user and Remember:


Computers do Fail, Systems will Crash,

 Fire, Theft, and Acts of God

Or Virus Attacks cause data loss...

Remember the end user "YOU"

Are responsible to Protect,

Back-up and Secure Your Data.







Copyright 1996 D.A. Hughes & Associates